Experience. Accept NO substitute.

There are lots of people who talk about disaster recovery, but most of them haven't actually ever had to deal with a real disaster.

During my career I have participated in both contingency planning and postmortem disaster recovery several times. My support of HQ USAFE during Operation Desert Storm drew on lessons learned from the Ramstein Airshow Disaster of August 1988. I was involved in disaster recovery procedures after the Northeastern Blackout of August 2003. And the instincts which led me to make offsite backups of Sun Microsystems' local intranet web page ensured that this - and sadly, ONLY this - was the sole piece of infrastructure in Sun's NYC office to survive the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center.

As a system administrator I have provided support for customer bases numbering in the tens of thousands, and have been simultaneously responsible for the operation of thousands of machines. Throughout my 23 year career I have have worked for universities, brokerage houses, banks, advertising agencies, publishers, value-added resellers, internet service providers, and of course the military.

Now you can benefit from my experience without any middleman. You will get the same level of dedication and commitment whether you have a large scale enterprise or a mom-and-pop with a laptop and a desktop. My customers are important to me. Your problems are my problems, and I don't quit until we are both satisfied that they are solved.

When you want your tech to shine... call Brisingamen!