You can't get Chateau Briand at McDonald's.

Basic internet shingles are everywhere, and many folks are satisfied with that. But some people want more.

Some people want to be able to send email from their domain. Some want to be able to re-use the graphics from their web page for other corporate purposes - anything from letterhead to business cards. Some people want more control over their own web page content. And MOST people don't want to be overcharged for web hosting services.

When the time came for Brisingamen to have a web page, it wasn't the type of thing I was going to outsource. No way, not this hardcore geek! I was going to build it myself from the ground up! And I did, blazing through Adobe CS4 in a breakneck six months, AND bringing two other customers up on their own web pages at the same time.

My customers don't get overcharged for their web hosting services. They get what they want - everything from commissioned graphic art and photography services to SEO. The bulk of my experience is in supporting the servers that host these pages, so naturally I concern myself with designs that are secure and optimized for performance.

The best part of having me as your web designer is that you can call me up and tell me something you want changed or added, and you'll see results in a few hours - or sometimes a few minutes! I am no script kiddie with a template I can't edit my way out of. Not only can I hand code the front-end interface, I also understand system behind the shingle, and I can make it go the extra mile for you. There's no excuse for the inability to send and receive email from a domain that you paid for. There's no good reason to pay extortionate web hosting fees. Stop settling for less and get the web page YOU want for an affordable price.

When you want your tech to shine... call Brisingamen!